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Automated Alerts

The MyAlerts personal alerting platform and transform any of your websites pages into an intelligent alert which allows your online shoppers to tune-in to what they want on your site.  We monitor your sites pages for changes and triggers that then automatically send branded alerts which drives your customers back to your site at dramatically high rates.


See sample alerts that we generate for our clients below:

Want to Send Emails Your Customers Love
Customer’s will love getting alerts from your site which are based on the products they’ve told you they want to buy.

Best of all, MyAlerts dynamic product personalization email engine will deliver beautifully designed and branded emails automatically to your future customers based on the products they want to hear about.

  • 4X Higher Opt In Rate

  • 50% Unique Open Rates

  • 25% CTR

  • 12% Alert to Convert Rate

These can be sent by our email servers or yours, as we have complete integrations with most major email service providers.


Customer Success Stories:


Other Ways to Capture Purchase Intent on Your Website 


Availability Alerts
Alert your shoppers as soon as the item they want returns in stock.

Saved Search Alerts
Let your customers save searches, designers, deals, or content to personalize news from your website.

Social Share Alerts
Turn social posts like Tweets, Facebook Shares and Pins into on-sale alerts.

Upgrade Your Wish Lists
Transform your wish list feature from a dead end to a dynamic marketing engine.