We found this Socious blog post particularly interesting because it's about problems with customer engagement software platforms. And each of the problems listed are benefits of our MyAlerts platform. And excerpt from the blog is below, but here are the problems listed and our response.

  1. No reason to engage. Of course, because customers using our alerting platform specify their interest and intent, we give them every reason to engage.
  2. Nothing in it for the customer. Our benefit here is the same as with #1.
  3. No sustainable engagement.

Because consumers using MyAlerts specify changes they wish to be alerted about, when there are more than one change they have requested, they get a sustained experience.

The Excerpt:

What’s Missing from Many Customer Engagement Platforms?
If triggers combined with communication make an effective customer engagement experience, where’s the problem?

Customers Don’t Have a Reason to Engage

In the customer engagement model outlined above, a customer does something, the system recognizes it, and the customer receives a message (usually in the form of an email).

That works well for one-time communication. However, the many customer engagement software solutions that are built around this model don’t give customers a reason to stay engaged. They read the message and maybe take an action, then fall back into being less-than-engagement.

There Isn’t Something in It for Your Customer

The messages are usually about a product feature, support opportunity, or upcoming company announcement. These approaches to increasing engagement don’t give customers a reason to stay engaged, since there is nothing in the message or call to action for them.

How do you do this? Make it about your customer. Limit the communication that doesn’t have anything in it for the customer.