Once again, ad blocking stories seem to dominate the marketing trade media. In a new release from Accenture, it recommends that marketers invest in more creative production. Yes, they use the term "user experience" but the bottom line is what we are saying at MyAlerts: "Just ask consumers for permission to market to them on criteria and content they set. That simple."


The lead of the Accenture release:

Signaling a serious and growing threat to the digital advertising industry, a new Accenture survey reveals that most consumers – 61 percent – are aware of several options for removing advertising such as ad blockers. The survey of 28,000 consumers across 28 countries also finds that more than four in 10 (42 percent) said they would pay to eliminate ad interruptions.

Accenture goes on to say:

Accenture recommends that digital advertising organizations invest in user experience and user interface transformation, production studios, and post-production support resources and facilities.