Download this Connexity Whitepaper, but we have an issue with the four ways to convert page viewers who don't buy. The third one about personalization comes close. But we are not fans of any unrequested retargeting. Instead, if retailers simply asked viewers before they left to opt-in to alerts on their specific criteria, our data at MyAlerts clearly demonstrates this is the #1 way to convert non-buyers.

Connexity's list:

  • Provide more product details, specifications and photos in re-marketing to capture the checkout abandoners who only need reassurance
  • Reach out during work hours — between 9am and 5pm — when 57% of checkout abandoners would prefer to complete their order
  • Personalize retargeting message based on reason for abandonment.
  • Limit coupons to 20% off. Of those who need a discount to purchase, 59% would complete their purchase with a 20% off coupon.