The site RetailWire reports that "new research from The NPD Group is quite clear. Roughly two-thirds of all consumers who shop for clothes do so at off-price outlets. Their purchases represent 75 percent of all the clothing purchased across all of retail." RetailWire posed the question: How can retailers turn shopper back to their core stores?

My answer:

"You turn attention away from off-price outlets by doing a better job of alerting consumers to the deep discounts on apparel items of most interest before they make their way to the outlets. In working with the off-price outlet of one of the majors, we’ve found that by offering new apparel item alerts by specific fashion designers, 30 percent of the customers who use the outlet are net new customers, not in the CRM database. All the customers of this outlet return to the website five to 10 times more often than those on the generic email blast list. Again, if retailers would use personalization to identify the specific interests by designer, item, size, color, etc. of their core shoppers, and give each of these shoppers alerts for the ability to buy on discount before the items are shipped to outlets, that should be a win for the core store in getting shoppers in to buy and likely increase their baskets with more margin-rich items while in the stores (or online)."