Turn Customers Research Visit
Into Long Term Engagement

If you don't allow your site visitors to setup personalized alerts on your marketing site when you have new products or services added, blog postings published, service notifications, or any other site changes that your prospects would want, then you might be losing critical leads and engagement from your site visitors.

This helps you build a subscriber list of customers & prospects in all areas of your site, so as you publish new content to your site, it will automatically alert your online followers of the new content, driving them back to your site 5x to 10x more.

This also helps you to see the areas of your site that have the highest demand based on the popularity of your subscriber counts.  No more guessing what information your online audience is wanting.  With MyAlerts, by allowing your online audience "tune in" to what they want, you'll be able to "focus in" on what your marketing priorities should be.