Add Personalized Alerting to Every Post


Hoping that your users will return to search for new postings or changed postings is a losing battle. Today's consumer expects you to send individualized alerts based on their specific interests.


See How MyAlerts Electrify's Your Site

Saved Search

  • Smart classifieds sites allow their users to save searches or setup alerts on their classifieds categories
  • This helps you build a community of followers around keywords and categories that drives your visitors back 5x to 10x more with every new posting

Price & Change Alerts

  • Most online consumers want to track if a price change happens on any product/posting that they are interested in
  • MyAlerts allows you to add "Get Price Alerts" quickly to every posting, helping you capture the interest of your customers and monitoring your postings for price change events
  • Price change alerts can result into 50% or more of your users returning to your site and taking action with your posters which will drive much higher future posting activity in your marketplace
  • When people add more pictures or change the content of any ad, it's never noticed by people who viewed any ad previously. With MyAlerts, change events to any ad would alert anyone who's setup alerts on that posting in the past which will result in them returning to the site and taking action. (This could be when people add new photos, change the price, add new descriptive information, etc.)

Favorite Items

  • MyAlerts allows your users to Favorite postings which will help them track the postings & categories of your site that they are wanting to get alerts on
  • This provides "Pinterest" like capabilities to your classified site which will drive more engagement and return interest as alerts are happing against Favorited posts

Deleted Posting Alerts

  • When your users start tracking ads/postings using our alerting or Favorites capabilities, we will alert them when any posting has been deleted or removed from the site
  • The Deleted Posting alerts will include links to same/similar types of postings so that they are prompted to come and look at other same/similar ads in the future
  • This creates an urgency to act with your users as they see your marketplace changing every day, which will result in higher activity in the future