Make an Impact


See how MyAlerts' shopping platform transforms your customer relationships from browsing customers to loyal customers.


How Quickly Will Your Customers Opt-In?

When you allow your customers to design their own marketing on your site, you'll wish you'd have done it sooner.  With many of our clients seeing 40% higher opt-in rates for the products, categories, and brands that your customers will tell you they want, now you're delivering 100% relevancy to them, and driving them back to your site 5x to 10x higher than before.

How Much Future Value Can You Capture?

Some of our clients capture over $1M a day in future purchase interest on their sites as customers setup alerts on their products, categories, and brand pages.  MyAlerts is actively helping to re-engage over $1 Billion in future potential revenue across all of our customers.  

Giving You Real-Time Demand Insights

No more guessing how much demand there is or any of your products on your site.  When products sell out (even if it's only a size or color of a product), most retailers are flying blind as to how much demand there is beyond the sell thru.  MyAlerts instantly captures the customer demand for every product, size and color of your products, and provides this data to your merchandising teams so that they can restock demand, and recapture waiting revenue, which will delight your customers and your bottom line.

With MyAlerts we are capturing nearly $1 million in future potential revenue per day as our online consumers sign up for alerts on the products they intend to buy in the future.
— Major Home Improvement Retailer