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Favorites Alerts

Shoppers love to Pin, Like, and Favorite the products, brands and categories of products that they want to stay tuned into.

MyAlerts offers your site Favoriting technology with powerful alerting that will delight your customers and drive higher engagement as they interact with your site and the things they love.  After Favoriting any part of your site, you can decide if your shoppers get price alerts, back-in-stock alerts, new item alerts, or even private offers on the things they've favorited.

Our alerting technology can also be added to your existing wish-list or favoriting technology on your current site if you want to keep your legacy system, otherwise, if you want to use the most cutting edge Favoriting & Wish List technology, we can have you live in no time.

Also, you gain rich insights into the highest demand products, brands and categories on your site as your followers are favoriting the things they want to stay in touch about.


Other Ways to Capture Purchase Intent on Your Website 


Availability Alerts
Alert your shoppers as soon as the item they want returns in stock.

Saved Search Alerts
Let your customers save searches, designers, deals, or content to personalize news from your website.

Social Share Alerts
Turn social posts like Tweets, Facebook Shares and Pins into on-sale alerts.

Upgrade Your Wish Lists
Transform your wish list feature from a dead end to a dynamic marketing engine.