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The Challenge

At anytime, this retailer has thousands of items that are temporarily out of stock. When their shoppers find these items, it creates a dead end for the shopper because they found something they want to buy but the item is unavailable to purchase, which is the #1 complaint of online shoppers, who will almost instantly go to a competitive site to try and find the same product.

This results in lost revenue, but also in negative customer sentiment.  With MyAlerts added to their site, we instantly provided the ability for shoppers to opt-in to receive future product alerts which were opted in to by over 50% of visitors to out-of-stock pages.

MyAlerts then monitors the product pages to determine if/when they become available and then sends branded alerts to the customers following any product in the past.  While this sounds easy, the sophistication of solving multiple opt-in requirements (location, responsive, etc.), and most importantly throttling the send rate of alerts on high-demand products so that you don't over-communicate and create more frustration for your consumers is a vital part of providing a predictable result for your consumers.

The Result

After adding MyAlerts to the site, the retailer was capturing nearly $1 million a day in lost purchase possibility, and now has full visibility to the product demand of items their consumers have demand against.  This has impacted their merchandising strategy by providing real customer-centric demand at a product and category level. 

Best of all, once any product comes back in stock, the site now has automatic re-engagement with their online customers which re-engages and captures the past-interest allowing them to pull-forward any previously lost opportunity, while delighting their customers who are becoming more loyal and engaged because of this powerful micro-marketing solution.


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