Wish You Knew Exactly What Your Customers Were Going To Buy Next?


The Intent Marketing Dashboard shows you everything your consumers intend to buy in the future and how they are setting up personal alerts on your site, person-by-person and product-by-product, giving you visibility to the demand for products, categories, brands, and alerts that are being sent to your customers. 

Pre-Commerce Dashboard

You'll be able to gain visibility to how your consumers are setting up self-personalized alerts across your site, and what alert activity is driving consumers back to your site.

  • See what products are in highest demand
  • View alerts that are being sent to your consumers
  • Learn what triggers are driving people back to buy

User Growth

Most of our clients acquire 10% of their site visitors who will start to sign up for self-personalized alerts within their first year, resulting in increased engagements rates nearly 2x to 4x the previous return to site rates.  You can also view the future potential revenue of each customer based on the products they are following.


Tracker Activity

You’ll also get real-time insights to what products people are tracking and why (price drops, out-of-stock, special offers, etc.) so that you can start to see what trends people are tracking on your site.  Want to pull a list of customers who were following any particular product to send them a special offer? Now you have access to these customers which you would have never been able to reach before using MyAlerts


Alerts Activity

You’ll be able to see the what alerts the MyAlerts platform is sending with every person + product + trigger, and can view every alert that’s been sent to your users. You can also view if they’ve clicked back to your site, and with our beacon technology you’ll even be able to see if they’ve purchased any product that we’ve alerted them regarding


Products and Demand

Want to see what products of yours are in highest demand or what you should put on sale next? MyAlerts will show you product by product the number of trackers and potential value of future sales as your product tracker community grows.  You can also view out of stock products that need to be re-ordered helping you to recapture lost revenue.