"Companies Should Let The Market Decide What They Sell, Not The Other Way Around."

- Seth Godin

Anyone in retail knows that getting the supply and demand equation right is what makes or breaks companies.  MyAlerts helps companies to both capture customer driven demand on their site at a product, category and brand level, but also provides the most powerful insights to unmet demand in your customer base.

  • Turn Today's Out Of Stock Products Into Future Sales

  • Capture Future Purchase Intent On Products Based On Price & Selection

  • Gain Both Visibility & Interaction Based On Specific Customer Intent

  • Earn 2X To 5X On High Demand Products That Were Lost Before

  • Cut Margin Erosion By 20% to 40% By Pulling Forward Past Interest

Ways To Capture Demand That Assist Demand Planning

All Alerting Types That Capture Customer Demand On Your Site