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Product & Price Alerts

If you’re shopping site is like most, 98% or more of your site visitors DO NOT buy products on their 1st visit, BUT they will possibly buy in the future if it goes on sale, has special offers, good product reviews or other triggers that would cause your shoppers to return to your site and buy.  MyAlerts can help you capture that future interest and automates the alerting for top triggers.

We know what you’re thinking “Why would I want to delay selling stuff today by adding a buy-later when it’s on sale button?” 

The facts are in: On all of our client sites, the same-day visit to buy percentage DID NOT drop by even a fraction of a percent.

This means that you can capture the interest of your future purchasers at no expense of today's buyers, and even better, this pulls forward all of the historical buyers that are following any product to help you increase future revenue and decrease the margin erosion on any product because you won't have to discount nearly as much as previously.

Clients who offer price alerts:

Sample Price Alerts


Other Ways to Capture Purchase Intent on Your Website 


Availability Alerts
Alert your shoppers as soon as the item they want returns in stock.

Saved Search Alerts
Let your customers save searches, designers, deals, or content to personalize news from your website.

Social Share Alerts
Turn social posts like Tweets, Facebook Shares and Pins into on-sale alerts.

Upgrade Your Wish Lists
Transform your wish list feature from a dead end to a dynamic marketing engine.