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Private Offers

Once you have MyAlerts purchase intent capture in your site, and you’ve started to get “product followers” on your products which could include dozens, hundreds or thousands of people who are interested in any particular product, then you can send them Private Offer Alerts when you want to pull-forward sales on any particular product.

We’ll show you what products are most popular and which ones have the most revenue potential, and you can create a private offer alert with a few simple clicks, and send them to the highest quality audience – which is people who’s said they have intent to buy that product!

You can also control the number of sales using promo or coupon codes within your e-commerce platform.


Other Ways to Capture Purchase Intent on Your Website 


Availability Alerts
Alert your shoppers as soon as the item they want returns in stock.

Saved Search Alerts
Let your customers save searches, designers, deals, or content to personalize news from your website.

Social Share Alerts
Turn social posts like Tweets, Facebook Shares and Pins into on-sale alerts.

Upgrade Your Wish Lists
Transform your wish list feature from a dead end to a dynamic marketing engine.