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Saved Search Alerts

Can your online customers save searches on your site to get notified of when new products of interest are added to your site?

Most sites do NOT have this feature which prevents them from capturing their customers specific interests, allows them to create a personalized set of alerts, and will help you drive 20% or higher rates of returning visitors to your site as you add new products to your inventory.

Plus, this gives you insights as to what things people are interested in buying in the future so you don’t have to guess what products are in demand on your site.

Hear An Online Shopper's Viewpoint

Sample Search Alerts


Other Ways to Capture Purchase Intent on Your Website 


Availability Alerts
Alert your shoppers as soon as the item they want returns in stock.

Price Alerts
90% or more of your shoppers see products they want to buy in the future - especially if they go on sale.

Social Share Alerts
Turn social posts like Tweets, Facebook Shares and Pins into on-sale alerts.

Upgrade Your Wish Lists
Transform your wish list feature from a dead end to a dynamic marketing engine.