Consumers Research Travel For 30 Days Prior To Booking Travel Online

MyAlerts will help you to capture their interest based on their self-personalized desires, and deliver them updates that will drive them back to your site and enhance your chances of them booking on your site 10X!

Allow them to select destinations they want and opt in for alerts

Consumers will opt-in to save searches, select locations and favorite properties or places they want to travel to.

Deliver 100% relevant alerts based on their interests and drive them back 10x more

MyAlerts will act like a virtual shopper to monitor for updates and send them alerts when new items are added to your site.

  • Drive Travel Seekers Back To Your Site Multiple Times When Planning Any Trip

  • Acts Like A Virtual Personal Travel Planner That Monitors & Alerts Them

  • Gain Visibility Into What Destinations & And Deals Your Visitors Want

  • Multiply The Number Of Bookings Per Customer Your Site Gets

  • Become The Preferred Travel Source For Your Customers

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